Ventresca di Tonno in Olio di Oliva 320 gr. - Conserve di Terra, di Mare, Delicatessen -

    Tuna Ventresca in Olive Oil 320 gr.

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    From the belly of freshly caught tuna and in particular its muscle strips, ventresca is obtained. This soft and tasty product is a prized, high quality product, appreciated by the most refined palates. The processing of ventresca is traditional and done by expert hands that have known how to process tuna for generations now. Each operator engraves their initials on the ventresca fillets to attest to the craftsmanship and originality of the hand processing. Tuna belly is preserved in olive oil and obtained from tuna of EU and non-EU origin or from the FAO fishing zone indicated on the package.

    320 gtin.

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