finished products, semi-finished products and also raw materials all distinguished by being produced in Italy and in a traditional way, by artisans and according to tradition. the various regions of Italy are full of typical sweet products, our selection continues and accurate, wants to get to propose all or most of them. The fresh fruit jams, the chocolate of Modica, the sweet and spreadable creams, many natural products such as honey. This selection of Italian delicacies is proposed in different formats in order to meet the demand of retailers, both for private customers appreciators of niche products and for those who want to use these items professionally and needs to have them in large formats. We guarantee that these products, as in all the other selections, are strictly handmade and produced in the Italian regions of origin. Most of them come from farms that cultivate and transform their products, while the others are produced by processors who source high quality raw materials from Italy and transform them according to recipes and methods of the regional tradition.