selected regional products, made in small farms or processing located on the Italian territory. The companies are always distinguished by the attention to the quality of cultivation, harvesting and production process in order to allow us to offer in every single product the taste of the past that today if you buy any drink you will not find more. drinks ready to drink without chemicals, preservatives, dyes and drinks base to invent tasty appetizers. Pure juices obtained from the pressing and pasteurization of fruit to be used also for marinating other products such as fish and meat. We wanted to select the true regional peculiarities that are the basis of some drinks or themselves transformed into pure juice such as Bergamot of Reggio Calabria with all its unmistakable and unique organoleptic properties, but also particular cultivars of oranges such as those of San Giuseppe always in Calabria. We propose red fruit juices such as Pomegranate, Organic Italian Goji, Wild Blueberry from which we obtain highly refreshing products with all the organoleptic and healthy characteristics of the fresh fruit from which they are produced. In this selection there is also a series of herbal teas made with herbs and citrus fruits from Calabria and Sicily with green tea as the base.