Collection: The art of cheese making in Calabria and Italy - Online sale of typical cheeses

Italian selection from small regional producers and processors located from northern Italy to southern Italy. The farms deliver their products on a weekly basis, we have selected only companies with a closed supply chain this means that they grow what the cows, goats and sheep eat and process only the milk produced by their flocks raised in their pastures. The small processors select exclusively Italian milk and process it according to their own regional tradition into excellent dairy products. Every day we are able to offer typical regional Italian cheeses from Calabria, Sicily, Apulia, Piedmont, Veneto, Sardinia and you can choose them either whole or in portions according to the quantity you are interested in. All products are delivered vacuum packed. The offer is wide and covers both the cheeses with different ages sheep, goat and cow both natural and blue or even aged in wine or in craft beer produced in regional microbreweries. for the typicality of these products many of them are marked PDO, DECO or Slowfood. what are you waiting for? you just have to choose and bring home your Italian regional specialties.