in collaboration with Italian bakeries we offer products made inartisan workshops dedicated to the complete production of bread products where the dosing of ingredients, kneading, leavening and baking are still carried out in the traditional way with the close and indispensable help of mechanical equipment that collaborate in the creation of unique products and in step with the needs of the customer. We have selected many good and healthy items such as: sourdough bread with sourdough starter, Korasan wheat bread, spelt bread, wholemeal rye bread, wholemeal soft wheat bread, traditional biscuits and cakes, and the possibility of having fresh Calabrian pasta at home, handmade in every house by your grandmother. we propose obtained flours from grains biologically cultivated in calabria and ground at the moment of the order of the same flour in handicraft way; the cultivated grains are: soft type 2, of integral hard wheat, of barley, of wheat senator cappelli. we have to your disposition selected three articles of rice of Sibari and some article of valuable coffee.