Typical Calabrian products in Milan

The Calabrese who emigrates for work reasons to Milan or, more generally, to Lombardy, remains strongly attached to his origins and certainly does not give up tasting the typical Calabrian products even when he is 1,000 km away from his homeland.

You know, traditions remain for life and it's always a great emotion for the Calabrese living in Milan when the courier delivers the"parcel that comes from down" usually sent to the North by relatives or friends.

Thanks to us at Tastiness Food Shop you can (without disturbing relatives or friends) conveniently choose online the typical Calabrian products you prefer to taste, put them in your cart and buy them in a few clicks. We will send you the products respecting the delivery time and ensuring the best conservation during the trip. Simple, cheap and safe!

Which are the best Calabrian products we ship to Milan?

The typical Calabrian products we ship to Milan are really a lot and are famous all over the world, one better than the other. Nduja, Bergamot of Reggio Calabria, Tropea Onion, Soppressata, Sausage, Capocollo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine, Cheese of all kinds, etc. ...

Do you have difficulty in choosing?

We at Tastiness Food Shop have decided to create some Food Box with the best typical Calabrian and Italian products, wisely selected and combined to guarantee you a unique experience of flavors at the table.

If you prefer to customize your cart by selecting products individually, you can do so without difficulty.

Were you looking for typical Calabrian products in Milan and did not know how to buy them? Well, now we have given you all the information you need. We just wish you bon appetite!

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