The tradition of 'oil in Calabria is secular. The' farm that produces our oil is present on the territory of Calabria since 1806. Today the 'olive farm consists of over 70 hectares of olive groves and new plants on which dwell about 20,000 olive trees of which about 10,000 cultivar "Carolea", the remaining cultivars are ottobratica, nocellara etnea and sinopolese. Olive oil is not all the same and, above all, it goes well with food. Each dish, depending on its preparation, requires a specific olive oil produced by a different cultivar which gives it greater persistence, different tones and more or less fruity aftertastes. the right combination will help to enhance the taste and scents of the dish depending also on the type of dish itself, that's why for example we suggest to use raw extra virgin olive oil ottobratica on seafood dishes. we also offer a wide choice of extra virgin olive oil flavored with citrus with the particularity that the skin of the citrus fruit itself is milled with the olive without the addition of any essential oil.