Mediterranean fish products: anchovies, swordfish, tuna, mackerel, pilchard and rosamarin

When we think of fish products, i.e. fish, molluscs and crustaceans, we include them all in one large group. In reality, these foods have extremely different characteristics and their food chains are divided into distinct phases which cannot be compared with each other. For example, seafood used for human consumption follows a very different path from that of fish before arriving on our tables. For this reason we usually distinguish two food chains involving seafood products: the chain of lamellibranch edible molluscs (mussels, clams, etc.) and the chain of fishery products (fish, crustaceans, cuttlefish, etc.).

Fish products can come from fishing or breeding activities and are constantly subjected to health checks to verify the wholesomeness of food in order to protect the health of the consumer!

What are the best fish products from the Mediterranean Sea?

The Mediterranean Sea allows us to put on the table a wide variety of high quality fish products. Just think of swordfish, tuna and anchovies. The anchovies is generally used as a sauce to accompany other dishes. The typical and most famous dish is spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino (garlic, oil and chilli), flavoured with colatura di alici (anchovy sauce), but it can be perfectly combined with all seafood dishes, without adding salt.

Swordfish roe is a delicacy for fish lovers. Excellent for preparing appetizers over bread croutons, in the preparation of tasty first courses or as a side dish for main courses based on fish.

The mackerel roe in olive oil are perfect as an appetizer if accompanied by crispy bread croutons, to season excellent pasta or rice dishes and with fresh vegetables.

Tuna botargo, also known as the caviar of the Mediterranean, of the highest quality has now become a rarity for the few. Dried in the Sicilian sun, it is something truly unique, ideal for gourmet dishes where seeing a large, whole slice of the product is essential. Also excellent are the slices of yellowfin tuna in olive oil, caught and processed in Calabria by the prestigious Callipo company.

The spicy ros amarina is very common in Calabria in the Sila area and is also known as Calabrian spicy caviar. Rosamarina has a thousand uses: from seasoning sauces in the kitchen, to being eaten on hot bruschetta as an appetizer and also to accompany fresh cheeses. Don't expect it to be slightly spicy, far from it!

The spicy sardella pate is a mixture of handmade anchovies seasoned with hot pepper and oil. It is particularly appreciated in the kitchen to season pasta dishes, pizza, focaccia, canapés, crostini, and various appetizers.

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