our interest in promoting italian regional realities and productions here is addressed to agricultural products and fish products processed according to recipes and traditions of many centuries-old italian regions. the products of the earth come exclusively from farms that sow, cultivate, harvest and process what they produce within themselves, the fish products are based on the catch of the mediterranean and are processed by artisanal fish processing companies that today work the fish as it was once done in sicily and sardinia. as you can well imagine, both selections are linked to the seasonality of the harvests and the catch of the period, so it may happen that some products in certain periods may not be available precisely because out of season. we believe that re-evaluate the meaning of the words "out of season" in this case is a merit and a guarantee of craftsmanship and not a disservice to the customer. the products are selected in different formats so that the offer can be pleasant both to the private connoisseur of good regional Italian food according to tradition and to the operators of the food sector who want to distinguish themselves starting from high quality raw or semi-finished materials coming from the Italian territory.