Typical Calabrian products in Turin

Piedmont is a region full of Calabrians who, for work reasons, have moved to seek better fortune. Calabrians always keep their roots in their homeland, proving that between Piedmont and Calabria there is a great flow of emigrants who fill planes, trains and buses every day. In Turin, the most populous city in Piedmont, finding typical Calabrian products to buy in the store may not be so easy. So why not rely on our online shop?

Thanks to us at Tastiness Food Shop you can choose online the typical Calabrian products you want to put on your table and enjoy the goodness of the past. Put them in your cart and wait for the courier who will deliver the package exactly at the address you indicated. Genuineness and excellent value for money are our prerogatives that every day make our customers satisfied.

Which are the best Calabrian typical products we ship to Turin?

The typical Calabrian products that we ship to Turin are numerous and you really have a wide choice, ranging from canned goods to fruits and vegetables, sweets, meats and even fresh meat. Nduja, Bergamot of Reggio Calabria, Tropea Onion, Soppressata, Sausage, Capocollo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine, Cheese of all kinds, etc. ...

Do you have difficulty in choosing?

On the home page of Tastiness Food Shop you will find the best typical Calabrian and Italian products that are currently selected and highlighted for you.

If you prefer to customize your cart you can navigate through our online shop categories or use the "search" function to go directly to the product you want to buy!

Well, you have surely guessed that the typical Calabrian products in Turin are just a click away. We wish you bon appetite!

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Tastiness Food Shop ships typical Calabrian and Italian products to Turin and all the towns in the province (Moncalieri, Collegno, Rivoli, Nichelino, Settimo Torinese, Grugliasco, Chieri, Pinerolo, Venaria Reale, Carmagnola, Chivasso, Ivrea, Orbassano, Rivalta di Torino, Caselle Torinese, San Mauro Torinese, Ciriè, Piossasco, Beinasco).

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