Prosciutto Crudo del Norcino Stagionato 24 mesi - Trancio circa 1,5 kg - Salumi -

    Prosciutto Crudo del Norcino Seasoned 24 months - Slice about 1,5 kg

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    Norcino's Prosciutto Crudo is produced from Italian pigs raised semi-wild in the Veneto region, obtained only from the thighs of heavy pigs weighing over 200 kg. Ua true delicacy among Italian hams, aged 24 months It has a color ranging from pinkish to red and a flavor that is savory but not salty. On excellent product if paired with full-bodied regional wines and other typical products such as cheeses. The product is gluten and lactose free.

    Ingredients: Italian pork, spices, salt.

    Slice of about 1,5 kg

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