Paté Artigianale di Funghi Porcini in olio di oliva 200 gr. - Conserve di Terra, di Mare, Delicatessen -

    Porcini Mushrooms Pate

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    Porcini mushroom pate, slightly spicy, with hot peppers from Calabria is a very simple recipe made with porcini mushrooms reduced to cream, perfect for creating tasty croutons or as a sauce for pasta. Perfect for appetizers or as a snack, the croutons with porcini mushroom pate will make many of your guests happy, once you open the jar if not eaten entirely.

    Ingredients: Porcini mushrooms, chilli peppers, herbs, olive oil

    212 ml glass jar.

    Tip: Pasta with Porcini Mushroom Pate. Here is a recipe for pasta with porcini mushroom pate, which is excellent and essential for recovering leftovers and not throwing anything away. When there are leftovers in the refrigerator, it's a good idea to try to reuse them as much as possible, to avoid them ending up in the garbage. Today's recipe is simple and has been made with porcini mushroom cream, but surely even with another cream based on some other ingredient, such as this Jerusalem artichoke velouté, the result will still be tasty.
    Ingredients for four people: 200 g porcini mushroom pate, 1 sprig of parsley, pepper, 400 g fresh pasta, salt from the salt pans of Trapani. Boil the pasta in boiling salted water, drain when "al dente" and keep a glass of cooking water.pour the pasta into the pan, add the cream of porcini mushrooms and the glass of water kept aside.saute everything in the pan for a few moments until it is all well blended, sprinkle with chopped parsley and pepper and serve immediately.

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