Salsiccia Passita Veneta al Tartufo - confezione da 400 gr. circa - Salumi -

    Veneto Passito Sausage with Truffle - 400 gr. package

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    Truffle Passito Sausage is a tasty seasoned sausage that can be either spicy or sweet. Produced with meat from Italian pigs, it is ideal for creating tasty appetizers or alternative entrees. The Passita veneta with truffle is also good to eat when you are out of the house, maybe when you go for a walk, because for this reason it is also called salamella da passaggio. Not very seasonable, with a very thin diameter and the intense aroma of black truffle. Produced without lactose and gluten.

    Ingredients: Italian pork, black truffle, salt and natural flavours.

    Package of about 400 gr.

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