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Eggplants in oil in Slices

Eggplants in oil in Slices

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Eggplants in oil are a classic eggplant preserve to make at home and very easy to prepare. Slightly peppered, they are ideal for an appetizer, a side dish, an impromptu aperitif with friends, but also as a dressing for tasty bruschetta, or shredded, they will be the perfect condiment for your rice salad. An incredibly tasty preserve to keep in your pantry all year round. The best time to prepare them is in summer, when the eggplants are meaty and tasty, they are carefully chosen to be prepared in olive oil crispy and firm eggplants to be enjoyed throughout the year, especially in winter. These whole-flank aubergines, in particular, are suitable for garnishing dishes in a more evident way than fillet aubergines, moreover, being whole-flank aubergines, they maintain a greater consistency in olive oil and therefore, with the passage of time, while remaining in oil, they conserve the fragrance and consistency of fresh vegetables even more than fillet aubergines. Flavoured with garlic, oil and parsley, as well as other natural flavourings, they give off an intense taste and are ideal with cheeses, meat and salami.

glass jar 314 ml.

Ingredients: aubergines, chilli peppers, parsley, garlic,
aromas, olive oil.

suggestions: starting with our whole stalks of eggplant in oil, we suggest you try the following ideas: Try making the very easy boiled eggs stuffed with tuna cream and eggplant in oil. From the fusion cuisine comes a very special maki, a mix of Eastern and Italian traditions: rice maki stuffed with aubergines in oil and cream cheese rolled with nori seaweed. Finally, if you have to organize a buffet for a party, the pasta boats stuffed with eggplant in oil and provola cheese will surely satisfy adults and children.

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