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Lemon Soda

Lemon Soda

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The gassosa is a colorless, non-alcoholic, sugary and effervescent drink that can be enjoyed as an excellent soft drink to drink in all seasons. A drink made from water, sugar and citric acid (Calabrian lemon) produced using a traditional method me less sweet and less effervescent than the drinks distributed by multinationals in the sector. tradition imported from Spain the use of drinking red wine and soda remains widespread, the combination of wine and soda remains extemporaneous and linked to certain territories. Historically, this practice has spread more in our South, where the alcohol content of wines are higher. 18 cl glass bottle.

suggestion:The sea in front of you, sheltered by a beach umbrella, lying on a deckchair with a Jamaica Sunday refreshing you; this is more or less the image that will transfer you the exotic taste of this cocktail. Serve in a tall cylindrical glass and garnish with fruit. Here are the quantities: 2 measures of dark rum, 1 measure of acacia honey, 1/2 measure of lime juice, 2 measures of lemon soda from Calabria.

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