Bresaola del Brigante stagionata 8 mesi - trancio 350 gr. - Salumi -

    Bresaola del Brigante seasoned 8 months - slice 350 gr.

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    The tradition of salting meat in order to preserve it all year round and to make it ready to be eaten immediately is renowned in the north of Italy and not only there. On the Calabrian Apennines in Basilicata, breeders are used to salting beef, and in particular some noble parts of the first cut, for purely domestic use. Weighing about 1.5 kg seasoned about 8 months in natural casing, hung to dry in the mountains and flavored with spices from the forest, here is this delicious product.

    Ingredients: adult beef, salt, natural spices.

    vacuum packed format: slice of about 350 gr.

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