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Amaro Rupes bottle of 1 L.

Amaro Rupes bottle of 1 L.

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Best bitter liqueur in the world 2020,l The liqueur won over the international jury with its classic aroma and taste, with herbal nuances it leaves a composite smoothness on the palate. Hints of ginger chocolate and a restrained bitterness make this bitter rich and tempting. Rupes Calabrian bitter, tells a territory and its excellence starting from the products of nature that are born naturally and grow genuinely. Thirty officinal and aromatic herbs, coming from Locride, create this unique and pleasant alchemy between bitter, spicy and sweet herbaceous notes. For its preparation is still used the old artisan method of cold maceration of the ingredients, among which stand out the wild fennel, the roots of Calabrian licorice and bay leaves.

1 L bottle.

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