Granita and Brioche


Granita and brioche are two different sweets. This is how it is, physically, and this is how they are considered throughout Italy and the world. But, in Sicily and Calabria, where regularity often becomes an exception, this elementary logical principle is denied. Duality is annulled and the units merge together, never to be separated again. Granita e Brioche is an indivisible monad, a unity that does not admit caesuras. It is the sacrosanct beginning of every hot summer day, a pleasure sublimated to the status of necessity, a sweet declaration of intent. Granita e brioche represents, in nuce, an entire culture, the way of being Sicilian and Calabrian. It tells about the religion of food and the right consideration towards who administers it.

The respect for traditions.

The value attributed to breaks.

And the importance of people, before anything else.

Mulberry, lemon, strawberry, coffee, almond, pistachio, melon, watermelon, chocolate, bergamot, fig onion, prickly pear granitas.

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