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Spaghetti Pie with Mediterranean Sardines

Cook 600 grams of rather thin spaghetti and dress them with 100 grams of seasoned Sicilian pecorino cheese and 80 grams of Italian extra virgin olive oil sautéed with chopped garlic and parsley. Clean and cut the head off the fresh Mediterranean sardines, wash them, salt them and let them drain. Heat a glass of extra-virgin olive oil in a pan, add the sardines, the peeled tomato, cut into small pieces, salt and pepper and let them cook over low heat, making sure that the sardines do not disintegrate. When they are cooked, grease a fairly large mold and put in half of the spaghetti, then the sardines, chopped capers, anchovies and cover with the remaining spaghetti. Sprinkle with grated pecorino cheese, drip a little oil and bake until a nice golden crust has formed.


600 grams of spaghetti

1 clove of garlic

100 grams of seasoned Sicilian pecorino cheese

500 grams of hand-peeled tomatoes

3 salted anchovies

Italian extra virgin olive oil


500 grams of sardines

2 spoons of capers

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