Italian food, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, wines and spirits in Verona

Do you have a food and beverage business? Are you a person who likes to eat products from typicalItalian regional ?

Do you want to discover tastes and flavors of typical regional Italian products? We have selected for you a wide range of typical Italian products and not only!

We can create shipments to your business in Verona and Province with express courier, refrigerated temperature controlled in maximum efficiency. Tastiness Food Shop is able to meet the needs of your business quickly and with offers among the highest quality. Your business or your table with our products will disfigure your competitors!

If you are planning to organize a party in Verona for your friends, for an anniversary and you want to offer your guests something really special and unique, do not worry! Contact us, directly to your home we can provide the necessary for an exclusive refreshment, for a typical regional dinner but also our ready-made food boxes that you can use as Christmas baskets or as gift boxes.

Nowadays choosing cold cuts, cheeses, wines, pasta, flours, liquors, of high Italian quality, the one that you can not find in large retailers is essential to acquire new customers, to keep satisfied the existing ones or to make a unique evening from the point of view of good food. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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