High Quality Fresh Italian Meats Directly to Your Home.

Tastiness Food Shop selects fresh meats daily from non-intensive and exclusively Italian farms where this type of farming has always been done. The fresh meat cuts we offer you online all have unique nutritional characteristics and qualities that are sincerely different from the meats you can buy daily of which you know neither origin nor provenance.

carne fresca calabrese razza podolica

TRADITION: We follow only traditional breeding techniques. The animals are fed with organic food produced by our employees.
CONTROLLED FARMING: The processed livestock come exclusively from regional Italian farms and each farm is controlled by the Italian Consortium of Fine Breeds Beef.
PACKAGING: We vacuum pack our products to best suit your needs. Whether you are a private individual, caterer or butcher shop, you will always find the right product for you.
QUALITY CONTROL: We have a quality and origin control system with all the necessary certifications to ensure maximum food safety at all levels of production, origin and provenance.
NUTRITIONAL VALUES: It is important to remember that including a portion of meat in the usual diet is extremely helpful in ensuring the intake of protein, minerals (iron and zinc in particular) and some B vitamins.

Our meat contains a high percentage of proteins of high biological value, which contribute to the formation, growth and maintenance of our bodies. The vitamin content consists mainly of B1/B2/PP/B6/B12 and traces of vitamin A and D. Our high-quality meat is rich in potassium, low in sodium, contains a lot of phosphorus and a fair amount of iron and zinc. The meat we ship directly to your home helps to cure anemia, nervous exhaustion, muscle overexertion, amnesia; it prevents states of muscle weakening and intellectual fatigue.

BREEDING: The cattle we process are mainly raised on closed-cycle farms, where the cow-calf line is still practiced. We bring to your home zero-mile Italian meats obtained from animals raised in the semi-wild state in the regions ofItaly.

carne fresca razza Chianina direttamente a casa tua

The meat breeds we currently handle are: Podolica and Chianina.

Add your typical Calabrian and Italian products to your cart. We ship to your home by refrigerated courier throughout Italy!

The Cuts that we bring directly to your home and that you can buy immediately online on our ecommerce Tastiness Food Shop are: Tenderloin, Ribs, T-Bone, Picanha, Sirloin, Sottocodata, Cuberoll, Entrecote, Royal, Shoulder Bone, Breast, Shoulder Swivel, Pigeon, Front Jerk, Roast Beef, Rump, Belly, Flank, Rear Jerk, Walnut, Undercut, Rear Swivel, Bell, Rump.