Calabrian Podolian Veal Tomawak Rib Tenderloin

As we continue traveling through Calabria, we discover herds of Podolian cows in the semi-wild state free to graze. Today we are going to the slopes of Aspromonte to discover incredible facts about the cattle that live in this beautiful, unspoiled geographical area of Italy.
The Podolica and Pezzata breed of cattle are raised free-range and each grazing area has only a few animals. The Podolica breed feeds mainly on medicinal grasses that grow naturally on the Aspromonte plateaus-in fact, there are as many as 20 different types of medicinal grasses that contain all the essential nutritional ingredients the cattle need. Podolian calves feed only on their mother's milk until weaning.
The quality of the fresh meat that is obtained from these animals is of the highest quality precisely because of the method of breeding that is used, which is completely natural and according to centuries-old traditions that the breeders and herdsmen of the area have handed down. In fact, the cattle stay in the pasture until they are 18 months old if not longer.
This type of cut is obtained from the Cuberoll of Podolian calf, a highly prized cut of the Podolian cattle that starts approximately from the first and goes up to the fifth front vertebra of the animal. The Podolica Tomahawk is a fat, marbled rib-eye steak, the so-called largest steak in the world.
Calabrian meat from traditional farms is having great success all over the world and, of course, in Italy as well, both in the homes of connoisseurs and in restaurants. Tomahawk is cooked and served with the rib bone of the animal still inside the 'piece of meat. The weight of each Calabrian veal rib often approaches around 1 kg. In addition to being good and valuable, the Tomahawk also has a very theatrical shape that can immediately impress diners with both its size and its volume. Tomahawk veal chop brings to mind the classic weapon that the native North American Indians used to defend themselves against enemy attacks whose typical name was precisely the Tomahawk.
The meat produced in Calabria from the Podolica breed, left to ferment about 30 days after the animal is slaughtered, contains the right balance of fat and lean muscle. The fat and lean muscle of the Podolica veal Tomahawk when cooked together on the grill become especially delicious.

carne podolica genuina calabrese tagliata come un' ascia da guerra degli indiani d'America.

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