Turkish Head


Turco's head is more than a cake. It's a story. the tale of a fear so deep that it's passed down as genetic baggage along with bone conformation and blood composition. David versus Goliath. Mamma li turchi and wounded honor. A right to the preservation of the species and some execrable racial prejudices. All together, concentrated in one bite in a wonderful checkmate of the king. Because the Sicilians are people who do not forget, it is not enough for them to win, they prefer to triumph, savoring the soft taste of success filled with delicious cream and elegantly laid on a silver plate to celebrate their victory with the creation of an extraordinary sweet. Testa di Turco (Turk's head) is a sweet of carnival origin which is prepared in Scicli, in the province of Ragusa, and in Castelbuono in the province of Palermo with different recipes but with the common goal of celebrating the expulsion of Saracens in the island and the end of the Turkish nightmare. Ragusa's sweet is an evocative turban shaped cream puff, filled with ricotta cheese or custard, which is consumed especially during the feast of Our Lady of Militia. The testa di Turco madonita is instead, a sweet spoon, composed by a milk cream flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel, enriched by a crispy fried pastry in occasion of the feast of the Immaculate takes place in the town of Castelbuono the festival of testa di Turco.

Goat's milk, starch, sugar, organic lemon peel, cinnamon, crispy pastry, flour, olive oil, colored sugar devils.

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