Cold Cuts and Fresh Meat of Black Pig of Calabria

The traditions of the people who have always lived in theCalabro Lucano Apennines are still the same, unchanged for centuries. But who are the people who still live as they once did? Although there are only a few left now, those few are very determined to pass on the culture, traditions, customs and habits of past generations. Working the land, raising livestock, making salami and cheese are still main activities among the mountain people between Basilicata and Calabria. The genuine products that come to us from these localities can only be true traditional culinary excellences that reflect the scents and flavors of yesteryear. Tastiness Food Shop does precisely this work with joy and tenacity in order to then bring these inimitable scents to the tables of Italian or foreign customers. Raising in the wild and processing the black pig of Calabria, also known as the indigenous Apulo Calabrese breed, is among those most challenging traditions that are still carried on today with much effort.

Maiale nero brado in Calabria

Very similar to the wild boar with which mythologically it is said to be crossbred, it is a pig that is not too heavy, very muscular as it lives wild and its life cycle is almost twice that of a normal pink pig. Fed exclusively on what nature provides and rarely with additions that are however natural, he reaches slaughter weight almost at his 18th month of life. Its meat is decidedly redder and tougher, and the omega-3-rich fat is thick and white. Salsiccia, soppressata, capocollo, pillow, speck, prosciutto, fillet and more obtained by processing the meat of the black pig and properly spiced and left to dry, give rise to unique cured meats. Prosciutto cr udo is definitely the most coveted and sought-after cured meat, with a maturation of about 10 months it is already something unique, made in the mountains, weighing no more than 8 kg on the bone.

Prosciutto crudo di nero di calabria

The Calabrian black pig prosciutto selected by Tastiness Food Shop, given its particularities, is a unique and artisanal product, a Calabrian food excellence for few given that the number of thighs produced in a year never exceeds 50. You may be wondering how to taste it, Tastiness Food Shop thanks to its trusted national and international couriers manages to fulfill the commitment and get it to your home quickly or to your restaurant. Are you in L' Aquila, Potenza, Catanzaro, Naples, Bologna, Trieste, Rome, Genoa, Milan, Ancona, Campobasso, Turin, Bari, Cagliari, Palermo, Florence, Trento, Perugia, Aosta, Venice and you don't know where to buy black pork meats from Calabria or you have to have a barbecue with friends and you don't know where to buy fresh fine black pork meat from Calabria? The answer is very simple, Tastiness Food Shop delivers to your home quickly high-end, typical, regional Calabrian and Italian products including Black Pork of Calabria. Click below and quickly submit your order everything else is taken care of by Tastiness Food Shop!
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