We export Italian food to South Korea-Seoul-the typical regional products from Italy.

if you live in South Korea in Seoul and you have only tales of real traditional Italian food, tales from your grandparents or other distant relatives or friends, now is the time to taste! if you are fascinated by the Bel Paese Europeo from the Mediterranean Climate and its scents, Italian spaghetti, wine or sweets, on our online shop you can buy now the original Italian typical products, selected daily and always buy new made in italy offers. If you have a restaurant we at Tastiness Shop Food are happy to be able to get you typical regional products directly from Italy at affordable prices, what are you waiting for to contact us?

cold cuts, cheeses, preserves in oil,pasta, flours, olive oil and much more all of Italian regional origin can easily arrive at your business. We work with the best international couriers such as DHL and already have private customers and Italian restaurants in the Seoul area, and to an even extent ibn other areas of South Korea, we especially sell nduja from Calabria, cheese from sardinia, extra virgin olive oil, wines and Italian pasta.

we are waiting for you at www.tastinessfoodshop.it