Sicily in the kitchen


Undoubtedly favoured by the climate and the great diversity of the natural scenery, Sicilian agriculture includes products of excellence, which have often earned the certifications, Dop, Igp, Igt, Slow Food. If the sweet red orange in the Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro varieties has become a sort of symbol of the extraordinary wealth of the region. Sicily is also a great producer of lemons, mandarins, eggplants, ingredients of an infinite number of dishes such as pasta alla norma, tomatoes such as the cluster tomatoes or Pachino cherries, prickly pears and table grapes in the Italia cultivar. The panorama is completed by the production of Avola almonds, the basis for an infinite number of sweet products, Pantelleria capers and wild herbs. The Sicilian olive groves from which the prestigious oil give life to six PDO Monti Iblei, Monte Etna, Val di Mazzara, Valdemone, Valli del Belice and Valli Trapanesi. Fish, crustaceans, seafood, sardines and cod and tuna with the traditional and unparalleled art of processing and preservation. The honey with thyme and carob and the chocolate of Modica IGP. Finally, the cheeses with the highest expressions in Pecorino Siciliano DOP, Vastedda del Belice, Piacentinu Ennese, Provala dei Nebrodi, Ragusano DOP and Maiorchino. A cuisine that tastes of sea, land and mountains that, depending on the circumstances, is simple or structured, street or refined, noble or common. A unique mix of flavors, the result of a multi-millennial history with Sicily as a meeting point between Western and Arab culinary traditions.

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