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you are not a true carnivore if you are not familiar with the typical Brazilian fresh cut of meat: the Picanha! Anatomically it is from the Podolico Cattle precisely the tip of the rump, which is why you can also find it under the name of rump or tip ofrump. Characterized by its triangular shape and the presence of a fat tract, it is a simple cut not widely used in Italy because it is typical of South America. Our Podolico veal raised wild or semi-wildhas a very pronounced musculature and for this reason this meat is often not very tender, however cooked to perfection it becomes one of the tastiest dishes to serve at the table. In Calabria from the picanha obtained from the podolico veal, succulent grills are prepared in fault, in pubs, restaurants and gourmet pizzerias. The meat from the undercut is cut perpendicular to the fibers, in slices about 10 cm thick each, and slices of podolica picanha are folded with the fat facing outward and then each piece is skewered in a sword or alternatively in a very large skewer. The coals at a not-too-high temperature cook the Podolica picanha slowly by keeping the skewer about 40 cm from the coals. Turning and turning the skewer or sword over the Podolica veal forms a crust, the fat melts and penetrates the fibers and lean part giving a spectacular taste to the meat itself. To finish with a pinch of salt and coarse pepper it is served on chopping boards.

picanha di vitello podolico cotta alla braci di ulivo calabrese

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