Caciocavallo of Ciminà


Ciminà is an inland Calabrian town located in the province of Reggio Calabria about 350 meters above sea level exactly Ionian side of the province. On the slopes of Aspromonte where the climate is characterized by long hot summers and cold rainy winters, the clayey and fertile soil gives rise to grass delicious for sheep. In these pre-aspromontane areas, livestock breeding and agriculture have always employed the majority of people. Still today, fortunately, the dairy tradition is maintained at very high levels, handing down traditions, flavours and fragrances. Many micro-farms settled on the territory work the milk produced exclusively by their livestock and transform it, as it has always been done, into precious cheeses. Cows of the pezzata and podolica breeds, goats and sheep all together contribute to these niche micro-productions that still make these valleys famous today. In the past centuries until today, from a mix of cow's milk and sheep and often goat's milk, was born among others in Ciminà the famous Caciocavallo typical cheese of raw milk, shaped like a bottle of pasta spun by hand without any addition. A dairy art that has been handed down over the centuries unchanged so much for this to be awarded the presidium slow food Italy. The caciocavallo spun by hand, passed in a bath of brine and hung on rods, is left to mature at controlled temperature and after about two months is ready to be sold. With its sweet and strong flavour, it is unrivalled in terms of taste and sensory emotions. Today appreciated by starred chefs and connoisseurs of good food is also exported outside Italy. what are you waiting for to taste it?

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