The Aeolian Islands owe their name to the god of the winds, Aeolus. It seems in fact that, in the mists of time, the god had taken refuge here (and more precisely in Lipari) and that, observing the clouds that probably came out of the volcano Stromboli, he foresaw the weather conditions. The archipelago, with its renowned Y shape, is located about forty kilometers off the coast of northern Sicily and, on the days of greatest visibility, you can admire in all its splendor the Sicilian coast. The islands that compose it are seven and each of these is accompanied by rocks or islets outcropping that increase the charm and mystery. Yes, these lands really have something special: thanks to a still very lively volcanic activity, in fact, their appearance appears to us almost like that of a living creature, which moves and gets angry when we least expect it. In Stromboli, for example, still today they talk about the islet emerged and then immediately brought back in the abysses. And what to say of the island of Vulcano where the nights are still illuminated by incandescent flows and lapilli, rumbles and thunders that come from the center of the earth and where natural tanks are filled with seething sulfur that springs from the ground. But not only fire dominates this archipelago: there are in fact very sweet islands such as Panarea and Salina, the small roads of lava stone to cover on muleback, the uncontaminated nature, the scent of Malvasia. And then there is the sea, which becomes cobalt blue where the cliffs sink or remains crystal clear, playing with the fine sands and pebbles rounded by the undertow. A living sea, full of fish and crustaceans, that with the wind gets angry and ripples and with the sun relaxes, welcoming as a friend the stranger who has come to greet him. Even vestiges and archaeological remains enrich these places that have always been contested and inhabited, an unmistakable sign of the strong soul that keeps man here with a tight bond that the events of time cannot loosen.

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