Online sale of Calabrian and Italian artisan cured meats: Bresaola del Brigante di Calabria,

The tradition of salting meat in order to preserve it all year round has been known for centuries. In the Italian Alps and in particular in Piedmont and Aosta Valley farmers used to salt some valuable cuts of fresh beef and hang it to dry. Salt and smoking in the fireplace are the only natural preservatives used for this product. We at Tastiness food shop have also found this custom in other Italian regions including Calabria. In Calabria, where farmers, breeders and mountain people used to spend a lot of time on the rugged Apennines, they used to bring veal bresaola with them as a precious source of nutrition. The ingredients of Bresaola del Brigante are simple: fine veal meat, salt, natural flavors. Our selection of delicatessen products allows us to offer unique gourmet novelties, which you can buy directly online and in a few days receive at home. Are you interested in discovering our charcuterie online? Click here

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