Tropea Onion PGI


Seen from the sea, Tropea really does give the impression of an impregnable town. The houses peer at the horizon from a high rocky platform: it is difficult to decide where one ends and the other begins. The large rock on which the church of Santa Maria dell'Isola stands juts out into the sea like a bulwark. Once you have conquered the centre of the town, you will discover the infinite sweetness of its life: the palaces still have a wrinkled air, a little out of time, thickening in narrow and charming streets. A stop for refreshment in a typical trattoria is a must, where you will not be able to escape the flattery of the sweet Tropea onion, served in a thousand different ways: sweet and sour tropea onion, tropea onion jam, salted tropea onion pate, caramelized tropea onion, tropea onion salad, baked tropea onion, the typical fresh pasta "tropea fileja" flavoured with tropea onion, tomato sauce with tropea onion, tuna and tropea onion steak, cheese flavored with tropea onion, tropea onion sorbet and finally tropea onion ice cream IGP.

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