The Pizzo Truffle PGI


The appeal is undeniable, since Pizzo produces one of the best ice creams in Italy, a hazelnut dome with a heart of melted bitter chocolate and a dusting of cocoa powder. But the town deserves to be visited for many reasons: the outdoor tables invite you to stop in the lively Piazza della Rebubblica, from which you can see the sea, and its narrow streets lend themselves to be crossed calmly over and over again, to stop in the typical shops to take a picture of the picturesque alleys, admire the works of art kept in the church of San Giorgio and visit the Castle, linked to the story of the execution of Joachim Murat. Pizzo's beaches invite tourists to bathe in refreshing waters, and one of them, situated just outside the old town, cherishes a small gem of popular devotion, the small church of Piedigrotta. After a tour in the sunny country you can not stop in the square and taste the famous Truffle in different flavors with the heart to: chocolate, white chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, strawberry, gianduja, almond, lemon, orange, clementine, tropea onion, fior di latte, hazelnut and a thousand other flavors!

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