Pantelleria Kisses


The baci panteschi are soft and crunchy sweets, hot and cold, fresh and rich at the same time. The baci panteschi are poor fritters made of flour, eggs and milk mixed to the density of a batter and accompanied in hot oil by a special iron tool that gives them the characteristic flower shape. They are eaten two by two filled with a soft cream of sweet ricotta cheese with shavings of dark chocolate or grated lemon peel. Tradition has it that they were invented by a poor shepherd who, wanting to make a gift and having nothing to give, sweetened a little ricotta and used it to fill simple flower-shaped pancakes, obtaining as a gift for his beloved a sweet flowery bouquet.

Eggs, flour, milk, yeast, olive oil, powdered sugar.

Sheep's milk ricotta cheese, sugar, grated rind of organic lemon.

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