Aspromonte Cold Cuts


Proceeding southwards from the massifs which dominate the plain of Gioia Tauro we find some mountains which are almost parallel and of similar height. These are Monte Seduto, Cresta, Cucolo, Cappellano and Limina. Beyond this last one, that together with the others assumes the aspect of a ridge, begin the first spurs of the Aspromonte, crystalline massif whose highest peak is represented by the Montalto with its 1955 meters. The Aspromonte, with its typical radial aspect due to the work of the rivers, is characterized by very steep walls that descend from the Tyrrhenian side while more incised, with terraces sometimes cultivated, reach the Ionic side. Aspromonte is a land of great forests, great springs and it can be said that between the mountains and the sea there is no solution of continuity, especially in the area of Scilla where you can go from the rocks to the ski fields in less than half an hour. There are many farms, breedings and transformations, in particular we have selected and we want you to know the cheeses and cold cuts of this area of Calabria. The cheeses and cold cuts are produced by flocks of cows, sheep and goats and herds of pigs raised in the wild. the selection of cheeses includes among others:

  • Caciocavallo di Ciminà presidium Slow Food Italy
  • The Pecorino d'Aspromonte with different maturations
  • Goat cheese of Aspromonte
  • The Musulupo
  • Salted ricotta cheese for grating

The selection of cold cuts

  • soppressata
  • capocollo
  • speck
  • sausage
  • pillow
  • bacon
  • lard
  • culatello

all that remains is to invite you to discover the tastes of the Aspromonte tradition. Contact us using the form below.

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