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- durum wheat semolina: 1 kg
- brewer's yeast: 25 g
- salt: 10 g
- water: 750 g (approx.)
- salted anchovies or sardines: 250 g

In a fairly large ceramic bowl, place the flour in a fountain shape, and pour in the yeast dissolved in warm salted water.
Knead, always adding warm water, until a soft and stringy mixture is obtained.
Knead it, lifting it, for 15 minutes adding, if necessary, more warm water, continuing to knead; when the dough has a very soft and rubbery consistency, cover the container with a folded tablecloth and let it rise. In the meantime, debone the anchovies and cut them into small pieces. When the dough has risen, place a high-sided pan with plenty of oil on the stove, take a piece of anchovy and a piece of dough with your fingers, twist it and stretch it a little, then drop it into the boiling oil and so on until the pan is full and the dough is used up. Remove the "zzipuli" from the pan when they are golden brown and place them in a colander lined with kitchen paper to drain.

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