- flour: 1 kg
- sugar: 400 g
- ammonia: 20 g
- a pinch of cinnamon powder
- a glass of olive oil
- shelled almonds: 100 g

Take 200 g of sugar and let it caramelize, when it turns brown, remove it from the heat and add half a liter of boiling water,
stir until the sugar has dissolved completely. Put the flour in a large bowl, pour in the oil, the other half of the sugar, the cinnamon, the ammonia and a good part of the water with the caramel, begin to knead; gradually add the other water until a very soft dough is obtained; at this point add 50 g of coarsely chopped almonds and knead. Pour the dough into a rectangular baking pan, previously greased with oil, trying to level the surface with wet hands. With the tip of a knife divide the dough into squares of about 5 cm of side, in the center of each square place some whole almonds and bake at 200 degrees for about half an hour; then take the stomatico out of the oven and, following the lines drawn previously, divide it into regular pieces that you will place in a slightly larger baking pan so that the slices remain spaced out among them. Put it back in the oven at 100° and let it cook.

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