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    - flour: 1 kg
    - olive oil: 1 glass
    - brewer's yeast: 50 g
    - salt: 10 g
    - aniseed seeds: 20 g
    - water: 400 g

    Put the flour in a fountain on the pastry board, pour in the oil, salt, aniseed seeds and brewer's yeast, dissolved in warm water, and knead, always adding warm water until a soft dough is obtained. Knead it for a long time (for about 30 minutes), then begin to form sticks with a diameter of one and a half centimeters and form donuts that you will put to rise. When they are puffy and light, dip them, three or four at a time, into boiling water; as soon as they come to the surface, remove them with a skimmer and place them in a greased baking dish. Bake at 250° for about 20 minutes.

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