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    Soak the sultanas and the Malaga grapes, from which you have removed the seeds, in a little rum. After a few hours, drain them and mix them with the peeled almonds and the walnuts, both coarsely chopped, the pine nuts, the candied fruit cut into cubes, the sugar and the grated biscuit, adding a pinch of cinnamon, the carnation and the remaining rum. Prepare now a puff pastry that you will pull tight and long a thickness of half a centimeter, you stretch the shelf and roll it taking care to join the edges well place everything in a buttered and floured cut, brown with egg yolk mixed with melted butter and bake in a hot oven.


    puff pastry

    100 g of sultana eggs

    100 g of Malaga grapes

    100 g shelled walnuts

    100 g of almonds

    80 g pine nuts

    160 grams of sugar

    140 grams of biscuits

    80 g of candied orange and citron peel

    about 2 decilitres of rum



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