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Pirotta - typical calabrian bread

- daily loaves of bread
- oil from the oil mill
- roasted peppers
- salt to taste

It was a bread that was prepared and consumed in the oil mill therefore linked to the processing of olives.
When women went to the oil mill to collect the oil, they brought fresh bread of the day: they were rather small flattened loaves with very little crumb. These loaves were cut in two, cut with a knife on the side of the crumb and then roasted on the embers. They were placed on a plate and seasoned with salt, roasted and skinned chilli peppers and finally sprinkled with oil which they took as it descended fragrant and scented from the press. At this point the parts were reassembled and pressed to make them flavor well (the oil was so much that came out from the edges). The Pirotta was ready and could be eaten.

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