Pignolata sweet Carnival Calabrian style

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    - Flour: 1 kg
    - Sugar: 200 g
    - Eggs: 3 whole, 3 yolks
    - Butter or lard: 200 g
    - White wine: q.b.
    - Grated peel of a lemon
    - Vanilla: 2 sachets
    - Honey: 300 g

    Prepare the flour in a fountain on the pastry board, pour the sugar, lard and eggs and beat well with a fork; add the grated lemon, vanilla and wine and mix all the ingredients except the honey, until you get a soft and smooth dough.
    Form some sticks, cut them into chunks and fry them in plenty of oil, over moderate heat. When they are cooked, put the honey in a large pan and let it melt; at this point add the fried pignolata, mix well and pour into a serving dish, giving the shape of a pine cone. From this shape derives the name of this cake. With the same dough can be prepared the "nnacatuli

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