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The Egadi are located on the extreme western tip of Sicily and are three: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. Unlike many Sicilian islands that are of volcanic origin, the Egadi have a dolomite geological structure that often gives the rocks overlooking the sea a soft pink color that is accentuated at sunset. Since 1992 the archipelago has become a nature reserve and not only to preserve its seabed but also to protect the flora and fauna of the land, which has remained intact over the centuries thanks to the distance of the islands from the mainland. The territory, for example, boasts more than four hundred species of plants and numerous endemic entities including Brassica Macrocarpa and Rosmarinus officinalis. For fauna lovers, instead, here you can find rare species of birds and invertebrates in the vegetation of the spots. Beside the peace of the reserve, however, life flows and goes on, with its daily routine but also with bloody events such as the mattanza, the famous tuna fishing. Thanks to the Florio family who encouraged this activity, Favignana has become the most renowned among the islands for this type of fishing which, however, in past centuries was practiced throughout the archipelago. Blood, struggle, the true force of nature tamed by man: a concentration of life that is repeated here every spring, when the currents bring towards these coasts the shoals of tuna. But even from this moment so full of suffering, man has been able to create a sublime world as that of gastronomy: to try in the Egadi, in fact, are all dishes made with tuna from carpaccio to marinated tuna, roasted or olive oil without forgetting the botargo, made with tuna eggs compressed, dried and salted to eat in slices accompanied by a condiment of olive oil or grated on pasta made.

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