gnocchi di patate ripieni di prosciutto crudo di Parma e mortadella Bologna igp

Gnocchetti Surprise

Finely chop the Parma ham and the mortadella Bologna IGP. With a tablespoon of flour, a tablespoon of milk and a knob of butter, make a rather thick béchamel sauce that you will add to the chopped ham, mixed with two tablespoons of cheese. In the meantime, you will have boiled about half a kilo of Aspromonte potatoes; peel them and pass them through a sieve while they are still hot, then mix them with three eggs, Parmesan cheese and salt. With wet hands, shape some small balls, make a hole in them, put in a little of the ham filling and close with a pinch of potato mixture. Throw them into the boiling broth and let them cook until they come to the surface.

Ingredients: half a kg of Aspromonte potatoes

3 eggs


50 grams of Parmaham

50 grams of mortadella Bologna IGP

1 tablespoon of stone-ground flour

1 knob of butter

100 grams of parmesan cheese


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