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    - 800 gr. beef tenderloin
    - 50 gr. lean ham
    - 30 gr. of butter
    - 1 carrot, 1 onion
    - Parsley, celery
    - Salt and pepper
    - ½ glass of Madeira
    - Broth

    Take a nice fillet of beef, lard it internally with 6 or 7 fillets of lean ham rather thick, season it with salt and pepper, tie it up and place it in an oblong and narrow casserole with a little butter and on the bottom of which you have previously sliced a nice carrot, an onion, parsley and celery. When it will be browned and the herbs will become blond, soak it with the Madeira. Once the wine has evaporated, add half of the broth and place it on a high heat to reduce the liquid by one third. Then slowly finish cooking the fillet, sprinkling it often with its own sauce.

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