Curcudia - Polenta Broccoli e Ciccioli alla Calabrese

Curcudia - Polenta Broccoli and Greaves Calabrese style

- yellow flour: 400 g
- cleaned broccoli : 500 g
- "curcuci" (pork cracklings): 300 g
- water: about 2 l

This dish was introduced by the Spanish.
It was prepared, as well as with yellow corn flour, also with durum wheat semolina that was ground at home with a rudimentary millstone called "placa".

Boil water in a saucepan, possibly made of tinned copper; when it boils, put in the cleaned and cut broccoli, cover and let it cook. When the broccoli is almost cooked, add salt and sprinkle in the corn flour, stir until cooked, that is, for about 30 minutes. At this point, pour the polenta onto plates and place a piece of "curcuci" in the center of each plate.
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