The Aeolian Islands

Eolian Island

The Aeolian islands owe their name to the god of the wind, Aeolus. Legend has it that, in the mists of time, the god took refuge upon the island ( more precisly on Lipari) and that, by watching the could forecast the weather. The archipelago, with its famous Y shape, is located about forty kilometers off coast of Northern Sicily and on particularly clear days it can be admired from the Sicilian and Calabrian coasts in all its splendor. There are seven islands that make up the archipelago and each is accompanied by a series of rocks or little islands that increase its lure and mystery. Yes, these lands are truly a reality apart. Thanks to a still lively volcanic activity, in fact, the look almost like a living creature which moves and angers when least expected. On Stromboli, for example, stories are told still about a small island that emerged briefly only to immediately sink back into the sea again. And what can be said about the island of Vulcano, where the nights are still lit up by the molten lava flows and fountains of lava, where you can hear thundering that comes from the center of the earth and where natural pools fil up with boiling sulfur that comes from the ground? But it is not only fire that dominates this archipelago. There are also sweet and charming islands such as Panarea and Salina, with narrow paths of lava stone which can be travelled up upon the back of donkey. There is pristine nature and the scent of Malvasia grapes. Then there's the sea that becomes a cobalt blue where the rocky cliffs meet it or where it stays crystal-clear, playing with the fine sand and the pebbles that have been smoothed by the continuous washing of waves. The sea is alive. It is a sea full of fish and crustaceans, a sea that,when there is wind, gets angry and wavy and, when there is sun, is flat and calm, welcoming the foreigner like a friend. Even ancient artifacts and remains enrich these places that for centuries have been fought over and lived in. These artifacts and remains are clear signs of the strong spirit that holds its people here like a snare that the events of time cannot loosen. We also like to offer you some food and wine products made on these fabulous islands, typical products of the Aeolian archipelago such as: capers, wine, cheeses, jams and honey.

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