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Chocolate of Modica I.G.P.

Chocolate of Modica I.G.P.

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our 100 g bars are handmade from arabica cocoa beans and the product is certified gluten-free. the age-old tradition of this very special sweet, introduced into sicily by the arab populations, means that it is cold-processed so that the sugar and cocoa crystallize into unrefined grains. this sweet, improperly called chocolate, has nothing to do with the chocolate that people eat every day and that we want to know. In addition to the classic flavors with a percentage of cocoa ranging from 50% to 90% in Modica are famous for flavoring the same chocolate with flavors and dried fruit typical of the Sicilian territory. Here is the list of our flavours: jasmine, carob, pistachio, citrus, orange, lemon, ginger, pomegranate, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, sugar-free, chilli, walnut, almond, pure 50%, pure 70%, pure 90%, coffee, hazelnut and mint. The single bar is marked in 4 doubloons so that it is easier to break it, the product is recommended as an aroma on dishes, in confectionery, ice cream but also as a dessert accompanied by raisin wine, grappa, cognac, rum and maybe even a cigar.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, natural flavours.

the product is gluten-free.

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