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Bergamot Salt

Bergamot Salt

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salt from the salt pans of Trapani flavoured with bergamot from Reggio Calabria. no chemical treatment but only the combination of salt and very fine flour of last dried organic bergamot. ideal product for flavouring gourmet dishes. 160 g glass jar.

ingredients: salt from Trapani, flour from sun-dried bergamot peel.

suggestion: Tartare of Mediterranean amberjack on a cream of soy milk-shaken Ricciona potato from Campania, with grilled violet cauliflower scented with bergamot oil from Calabria, apple blossom and mint sprouts and Reggio Calabria bergamot salt. A play of temperatures on the palate for an artist's starter where an ingredient cooked in an unusual way creates a bond "on the palate" and raises the emotion of taste. The Sicilian violet cauliflower is not blanched in boiling water, but simply grilled in a wok and smoked with reggio calabria bergamot salt.
An incredible flavour, given by the freshness of the oil and the Calabria bergamot salt, which we also find in drops in the tartare but in the form of fresh juice. The crunchiness, the strength, the rawness of the cauliflower elevate the taste of the dish to the highest level, create union, warmth, are the missing element, the piece that creates the perfect circle in a dish where the freshness of raw ricciola combines with the sweetness and softness of the cream of potato Ricciona white paste, which is emulsified with soy milk, swollen, and takes almost the consistency of a jelly. To complete the dish the freshness of begonia flowers and the scent of mint bud. Colors, imagination, inventiveness. Cooking is an immasmodic passion. 500 gr. of fresh amberjack fillet, 1/2 fresh bergamot of Calabria, Muntok white pepper, a pinch of reggio calabria bergamot salt, 4 white potatoes Ricciona, 500 ml of water, 300 ml of vegetable broth, 200 ml of soy milk, 200 gr. of small violet cauliflower, 2 tablespoons of evo oil flavoured with Bergamot of Calabria, Salt with Bergamot of reggio calabria, Tamaya begonia corallina flowers (apple blossom), Mint sprouts.Wash the Ricciona potatoes (very old quality from Campania), dry them delicately, put them in cold water with all their skin and let them cook for about 25 minutes. Prepare a vegetable broth with fresh vegetables, adjust slightly the salt. Mash the potatoes and place them in a non-stick pan. Place the pieces of amberjack on a cutting board. Slice the amberjack into regular cubes, thus creating a tartare. Sprinkle the fish with white pepper and a few drops of fresh bergamot juice. Boil the soy milk, add it to the potatoes and work the mixture with a spoon. Keep 1/3 of the soy milk aside. Emulsify the potatoes in the thermomix at 37 degrees with a ladle of vegetable broth, creating a mixture that is not too thick. Wash the purple cauliflower after placing them on a cutting board. Make grooves inside, very gently, between one flower and the other, and cut the cauliflower at the base. Grill the cauliflowers with extra virgin olive oil flavoured with Bergamot of Calabria and adjust with the bergamot salt when hot. Put the cream of Ricciona potato in a cocktail shaker, add the rest of the hot soy milk and emulsify by hand. Composition of the dish: arrange on the bottom of a bowl plate the ricciona potato cream shaken with soy milk. Gently add the amberjack tartare on the cream. On the side, place the grilled purple cauliflower, carved as a bunch of flowers, which will stand upright with the support of the edge of the plate. Decorate with the flowers of apple blossom (begonia corallina tamaya), which will give a pleasant fresh note of lemony apple. Add a mint bud.

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