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Strait Passito

Strait Passito

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Since the eighth century BC, in Calabria was widespread production of dessert wines. Even today, this passito "STRETTO" with Greco Bianco and Zibibbo passito grapes is cultivated in the province of reggio calabria in front of the strait of messina on terraces exposed to the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean sea and mild temperatures.

Appellation: IGT Calabria Passito dello Stretto
Grapes: Moscato d'Alessandria, Greco Bianco
Vinification: Natural sweet wine obtained by drying
the grapes partly on mats and partly on a plant
Soil: Medium mixture
Alcoholic strength: 15 % Vol.
Serving temperature: 15°C
Bottle: Bordolese 75cl; lisette 50cl with case
Food pairings: Perfect for after meals, it accompanies
dry Calabrian biscuits with almonds and honey,
piparelli; also interesting used as
ingredient in many risottos, cocktails, ice cream.
"Drunk fresh from much joy"
Organoleptic aspects: Amber color with golden reflections sweet
floral aroma, feelings of apricots,
honeyed, intense, very long, very
persistent, very "tight"

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