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White Malvasia Passito

White Malvasia Passito

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Les petit filles dessert wine, amber yellow in colour. Obtained from ripe white Malvasia grapes that immediately after harvesting are placed to dry until the desired sugar level is obtained.

The nose is intense, with hints of dried figs and almonds. It is a full-bodied raisin wine, almost chewy, and on the palate it is sweet at the right point, with a lingering aftertaste. A wine for the end of a meal, to be paired with dry cakes, almond pastries and cheeses. It should be served cold, ideal to accompany long conversations or solitary meditations.

Composition of the soil Loose, alluvial nature. Training system counter-espalier with guyot pruning. Planting density 4500 vines per hectare. Age of the vines 15 years. Yield per hectare 70 Average production per plant 1.5 kg. Harvest period beginning of September. Alcohol 15+3%. Bottle size 0.5 l wine

Fermentation: controlled temperature 18°. Colour Amber. Nose: dried figs. Taste Full-bodied, to chew.

Serving temperature Serve cold. Food pairing Dry desserts, chocolate of Modica.

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