Formaggio Siciliano primo sale con Pistacchio di Sicilia - Formaggeria -

    Sicilian first-salt cheese with Sicilian Pistachios

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    A soft first-salt cheese in the Sicilian tradition. The cheese paste, before being pressed, is abundantly filled with chopped pistachios of Sicilian origin. The Sicilian pistachios give a unique and strongly typical taste and flavour given by the meeting of the softness of the cheese with the crunchy part of the pistachios. The form is passed 72 hours in brine and then be brought to maturation for about 10-15 days and finally packaged. The milk used comes exclusively from Sicilian farms. Produced without preservatives.

    The whole form weighs about 3 kg, you can also choose slices vacuum-portioned from the 'special drop-down menu that follows. we suggest that before consuming the product to open it from vacuum and leave it to 'air 15 minutes so that the cheese of pure sheep's milk can in contact with the' air oxygenate and fully transmit its organoleptic characteristics combined with those of Sicilian pistachio.

    Ingredients: Sheep milk, pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes, whole Sicilian pistachio.

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